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Any good experiences or recomendations on using Hc-110 developer with either tri-max or t-max? I am looking for a little more development in my higher zones. Thanks!!

-- Justin Fullmer (provo.jfullmer@state.ut.us), May 17, 2001


Hi Justin,

I have used hc110 for many years and it is very flexible and fast developing. I have used it with tmax for quite awhile, but have recently begun testing tmax rs developer and so far find it to be just as flexible and makes for a much sharper image.

-- mark lindsey (lindseygraves@msn.com), May 18, 2001.

Justin, I have done quite a bit of testing with HC110 and T-Max 100(120). The results are quite satisfactory. If you go to www.unblinkingeye.com there are development charts for this combination.Ed B. has set up a nice site for multiple film/developer combo's that are worth taking a look at. Hope this helps.

Greg Gallagher

-- Greg Gallagher (gjgall1@home.com), May 19, 2001.

I have always used HC-110 with both TMax and Tri-X films, plus others. It renders great contrast. Actually, lately I've been adding about a minute to my development time and that seems to make it even better.

God luck. Erin

-- Erin C. (ericon_22@hotmail.com), June 12, 2001.

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