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This may be a little off subject, but I'm using Adaptec's Easy CD Creator to archive still images onto multisession CDRs. This allows me to keep appending sessions to the disc until it's full but still use the CD in other machines since each session is closed as it's written. Is there a way to close the disc, preventing any additional sessions to be added, before it is full? Will this help protect the info already stored on the disc? I'm used to DirectCD where it asks to close the disc or not before ejecting it. Thanks.

-- Brad Grant (, May 14, 2001


DirectCD can close the disc. Don't you have DirectCD?? I believe Easy CD can, too. Isn't there a "Close CD" button in the Advanced tab of CD Creation Setup which appears when clicking on the record button (red dot on toolbar)? This is assuming 4.02. Anyway, although popular, I believe Easy CD is an unstable piece of s/w that likes to comandeer your Windows *.ini files, etc that's why all sorts of h/w and s/w problems occur. The VCD Creator in Deluxe is unwieldy, unpredictable, and kvetchy; I have never been able to create a proper menu-driven VCD with it, and likes only the MPEG MCI driver that got installed with ActiveControl/DirectShow. WinOnCD is a much better program in ALL aspects. Sadly, it is also now controlled by Adaptec, who would like to discreetly force Easy CD 5 down our throat by making the latest WinOnCD ver 3.8 available ONLY in German. Of course we get it WinOnCD has to die sometime after it has been infected by the instability of Easy CD. Fortunately, Nero 5.5 is now officially available.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 15, 2001.

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