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I've chosen Lady Jane as subject for my British History term paper... does anyone know any strange or unusual Lady Jane facts? I've found quite a few sources that explain the historical aspects of her life quite thoroughly, but I've yet to discover any rumors, ideas, or stories of her personal life. Thank you!

-- Sterling Andrews (, May 13, 2001


Hi, Difficult one this. She was quite a recluse at Bradgate, spending most of her time indoors in her books. After she married Guildford Dudley she complained of being poisoned by his mother who's house they lived in. This has never quite been explained. Jane recovered but it happened again and she fled to her own mothers' house in London to recover. This is one aspect I have worked on in my new novel and I wonder of you will come to the same conclusion? Remember, it was said it would have been most unlikely that any of the Dudley's would have attempted to poison her because, after all, they wanted her as Queen with the possibility of Guildford Dudley becoming King.

Best Wishes,


-- peter carroll. (, May 21, 2001.

Hi there... I have just found this site, and I am quite glad to have done so! An interesting "fact" about Jane, which I read in two or three books, is the thought that she was pregnant at the time of her execution. Does anyone else recall having heard this? I shall be honest...I found this many years ago, probably in 1984, when i first became interested in her story, so I cannot recall which books I read it in....

-- Lara Hall (, June 08, 2001.

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