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I had an idea to do this, found a book on it to discover someone had already done it 80 years ago. The way to do it- Must be pair of lenses of equal focal length, mount the box brownies vertically next to each other with one upside down. Closest object 4 to 5 metres away. Or for big landscape objects i.e. mountain - lens separation should be 1/50 times the distance of the nearest object to the camera. The prints- glossy recommended, contact prints from negatives. Maximum width of print should not exceed 2.5 inches. Prints need to be trimmed so nearest object is the same distance from the right hand side of each picture. Plus non-stereoscopic areas in each picture trimmed, yet you want the finished pictures to be the same width. Viewing the prints- Both pictures mounted side by side so there is a 2.5 inch separation (the same as between your eyes) between the same object in each print. And some sort of wall between them coming out of the page so each eye only sees one picture. The big problem is that you need some sort of magnification system to view the prints- 2 magnifying glasses? Or a pair of cheap plastic childrens binoculars? Or find an old proper viewer at an antique shop?

-- Mike Le Fevre (, May 13, 2001

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