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If you are looking for some real power gains, there is a truely beatiful exhaust being made for the MV. I will have detailed information in the next few days about the full system and the slip ons. First word is that the MV race teams around the globe are using this system and that out of the box the bike is gaining 14 HP. This would mean that a properly modified Strada should be really close to the power of an SPR. Additionally, and I will be able to confirm this in the next few days, the exhaust is absolutely state of the art and looks and fits even better than the CRC pipes. Once all that information is all in, I will post it here or on my web site. I guess my decision to get the CRC pipes has changed.

Sincerely, Fabio

-- Fabio Andrade (fandrade@ukans.edu), May 12, 2001



If a standard F4 can be made to produce the same power as an F4 SPR by just changing the exhaust, why would MV/Cagiva go to the expense of making other (mechanical) changes to the SPR motor to gain the same power??

Can't see it really, but then I am a mechanidiot!

-- Bob (bob@beachy-head.demon.co.uk), May 14, 2001.

14 hp?...never heard of that much gain from a pipe..if its even half that i would be happy. I have the CRC pipe on now and my seat of the pants dyno says I lost power...what a drag.

-- jim stanton (jimjib@goodnet.com), May 14, 2001.

Well I guess the reason for it is that these exhausts will not be really allowed for road use in a lot of places. They are extremely lightweight, loud and flow much more exhaust gas than the stock ones. I have not gotten a price for the system yet, but they will not be cheap. As I await for the information packet, all I can do is speculate, but this full exhaust system will replace the entire factory unit, headers, collector, and cans. I have not received specifics on it but will be offered in a few different materials, Steel, Iconel or Titanium. Obviously Iconel should be the most expensive, followed by the Titanium and finally the Steel version.

As soon as I have all the information gathered, I will let everyone know.


-- Fabio Andrade (fabioan@ukans.edu), May 15, 2001.

With all due respects, the prospect of an exhaust system alone, even made of Unobtainium, adding 14 BHP (over 10%) to an engine seems far-fetched. Going from the highly restrictive DOT-EPA compliant Termignoni cans to a full Termignoni race exhaust on the Ducati SPS contributes nowhere near this HP gain. I am running the CRC race pipes along with its EPROM and have found significant performance enhancement without aesthetic compromise. I cannot imagine the aesthetics and fit of an after-market exhaust being better than the CRC (Arrow) pipes originally designed by Tamburini as a critical aesthetic and functional component of this bike. A bit of healthy skepticism might be in

-- Larry Wolf (a1dasa1@swbell.net), May 16, 2001.

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