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FORD MOTOR COMPANY, a Delaware corporation,

Civil No. 01 60084 DT
Hon. Robert L. Cleland
2600 ENTERPRISES, a New York not-for-
profit corporation, and EMMANUEL
CORLEY, an individual,


Coments in RED

17. Pointing an obscene and profane domain name such as FUCKGENERALMOTORS.COM to Ford's official web site constitutes unfair competition, causes public confusion, as well as tarnishes Ford's goodwill and reputation. The public recognizes, and often relies on the expectation, that links to a company's official web site address are sponsored by, affiliated with, or somehow approved by that company. - this is bullshit. links are not sponsored - anyone can link to without asking permission How does FUCKGENERALMOTORS.COM tarnish Ford's goodwill and reputation?

19. Defendants are not in any way affiliated or associated with Ford and have
absolutely no right to point their domain name FUCKGENERALMOTORS.COM to Ford's official website.
More crap! Web developers have a right to point to any website they wish

21. Defendants' use of the domain name FUCKGENERALMOTORS.COM causes public confusion and tarnishes the goodwill and reputation of Ford. In addition, pointing an obscene and profane domain name that uses the trademark of another company directly to the official Ford website at FORD.COM constitutes unfair competition. Causes confusion - do people confuse FUCKGENERALMOTORS with Ford? Unfair competition - How Is 2600 in competition with Ford?

29. The trademark FORD® is inherently distinctive and has acquired secondary meaning. The public associates the trademark FORD® exclusively with Ford's products and services. This is a result of the trademark FORD®'s inherent distinctiveness and of distinctiveness acquired through extensive advertising, sales, and use in commerce throughout the world in connection with Ford's automobiles and other products and services bearing or using the trademark FORD®. They have not even used the FORD trademark!

32. Because of Defendants' infringement, Ford has been irreparably harmed in its business. Now really - "irreparably harm"? .

35. By Defendants' unauthorized registration and use of FUCKGENERALMOTORS.COM, Who should authorize this - Ford?

Kathleen A. Lang (P34695)
Attorneys for Ford
500 Woodward Avenue, Suite 4000
Detroit, Michigan 48226
(313) 223-3500

Gregory D. Phillips
Thomas R. Lee, Of Counsel
Cody W. Zumwalt
560 E. 200 South, Suite 300
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
(801) 366-7471
FAX: 801/366-7706

This suit just makes Ford look silly. Ford would be better to put money into making more fuel efficient cars. William Clay Ford talks about corporate citizenship - this might be a time to take the lead and stop chasing everybody on the Internet that might be doing something new or innovative. What's wrong with a FUCKGENERALMOTORS.COM website pointing to Ford - it's advertising the company did not have to pay for. Stop hiding behind legal crap.

-- rp (, May 11, 2001


Ford not only has a crappy product but they are extremely stupid in believing that free speech should be oblitherated. My support goes to 2600.

-- John T Bobon (, April 15, 2002.

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