Developing 127 and 620 film : LUSENET : Brownie Cameras : One Thread will develop 127 and 620 film for $3.85 per roll plus $0.44 per print and $3.59 return shipping. This was a nice savings over Film for Classics.

-- John Reichenbach (, May 11, 2001


SHOP GLOBALLY, DEVELOP LOCALLY...or something like that..

There is a shop where I live that sells, develops and prints 120 film. Since I respool all my own 120 film onto 620 spools and then back onto 120 spools, I pay the standard charge of $2.50 for developing and then 35c per print.

I recommend that film shoppers try locally first before using mail- order service. I live in South Texas (not by choice), and if it's available here, it should be available just about anywhere.

-- Peter Lutz (, May 16, 2001.

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