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Following a recent reposession hearing I received the order for possession, but it is claiming possession of the wrong house!

It says, The court orders that the defendant gives the claimaint possession of (the address where I am living, however this is not the mortaged property but is a house I am renting)

How could they make such a big mistake? I have not lived at the mortaged property for 4 years and can't sell it, so I moved in a rented house in a different part of the country.

The summons I received had the correct address, but at some point during the court hearing this has been changed. I think it might be down to the solicitor representing my lender (UCB). She was a local solicitor handling several repossessions for different lenders and did not seem to know the facts.

-- S (, May 11, 2001


If I were you I'd try to contact (or preferably visit) a Law Centre or legal advice centre, and also read everything on this site in order to help determine the significance of the events that you describe. You could also ask CAB to refer you to a specialist solicitor (preferably one who volunteers at a law centre or similar).

Has anything happened since you posted to this site?

-- Eleanor Scott (, May 17, 2001.

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