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1)what are the rules of confidentiality in the salon?

2) what would happen if the rules are broken?

3) What is the laid down procedure for handling confidential information?

i hope you can help thankyou for your time

-- hayley moore (, May 11, 2001


1) We have no rules of confidentiality on the Salons. Anything goes and we encourage unbridled vogeurism of personal information.

2) Since we have no rules, I guess we can make some up as we go along. Maybe hang an offender up by the balls and inject a computer virus into their groin.

3) We tend to spread confidential information around as much as other people will listen. Sometimes the crap is sooooo boring, we actually have to make shit up just so it doesn't put people to sleep! Gosh people, can't you give us more juicy bits?!!! Get a frickin life!!

-- Gary Allan Halonen (, October 22, 2002.

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