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Hi, How important is a right angle finder in macro photography? I have never used one, but I have heard they can be very useful. Although, I have not seen them included in a list of equipment that macro photographers use. Thanks for your help.

-- Gerald L Nyberg (glnyberg@aol.com), May 10, 2001


I do macro photography in a small way -- so far by just using the Canon 12mm & 25mm extension tubes on my 28-105mm zoon. However, I find the right angle finder not an accessory; rather, I find it to be an absolute essential for me. Try putting your camera at ground level and looking through the viewfinder. It's impossible! I take many shots very close to the ground, including non-macro shots, and it would be impossible without the right angle finder. Although I paid about $180 for it, I consider it money well spent. You will find you have a whole new world available to you, since you are seeing things from a wholly new perspective. Hope this helps.

-- Lowell Crist (lowellcrist@yahoo.com), June 05, 2001.

The right angle finder is very useful when it is impracticle to position yourself behind the viewfinder. When the camera is on a copystand and the copystand is at a comfortable table working height. The veiwfinder can be in an awkward position if the camera is elevated any higher than chest level. You will have to stand on a chair or step stool. Climbing up and down, up and down,... get the idea. As stated in an earlier response, low/ground level shooting is awkward as well trying to get the ole eyeball in the viewfinder to compose, focus, and read the meter.

-- David Godwin (wdgodwin@aol.com), June 15, 2001.

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