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I am interested in taking that bold step of developing the pictures I'm taking with my Brownie's. Does anyone have any info/advice on what I should be looking for in purchasing an enlarger?

-- John Reichenbach (, May 10, 2001



Obviously your major consideration is that the enlarger you buy can handle the negatives you are producing. Some enlargers will manage 6x6cm but not 6x9cm. Any enlarger that only handles 35mm is no good to you (except for 110 film).

Second consideration is the enlarger lens. For 6x6cm, a lens of about 80mm would be "normal", but possibly would not cover a 6x9cm negative adequately. For this larger size a lens of about 105mm would be "standard", but won't give the same degree of enlargement as the shorter lens. Either of these lenses will work with 4x4cm or 4x6cm negs from 127 film, though again, better enlargement will be achieved with a lens suited to the format, about 50mm or so.

Negative carriers to suit the film size and/or format will also be necessary, as may condenser lenses for each format, depending on the enlarger.

If you anticipate producing colour negatives with your Brownies, obviously the enlarger will also need to be colour capable ... and consequently rather more expensive.

Alternatively, you could get a decent flat-bed scanner with transparency hood, (I use the Epson 7000 "Photo"), and print your negatives digitally.

-- Chris Eve (, May 10, 2001.

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