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I have just gotten back into raising rabbits after a year or so delay while I built a shed and nicer place to have them.I purchased two does from a breeder,One had a litter with her that had 11 and had raised them all and the other had 9 and had raisd them all.I was very happy to get two does with such ability and brought them home and added them to the 2 other bucks and 3 does that I had already gotten. I bred both new does and one had 10 kits and raised 8,(the one that had 9 when I bought her)But the other had 11 and killed them all. I was just wondering if she may have something wrong with her. She had ear mites about two weeks before having the kits and I treated her with mineral oil. and that was ok within days. but I noticed that she had lost some hair around her neck.That I don't think is a result of hair pulled while kindling.Any info would help,I don't wan't to cull such a good doe. It is also very warm here already,about 80 to 90 deg. sometimes.(Louisiana!) Thanks Jimmy

-- Jimmy Holiday (jholiday@charter.net), May 09, 2001


Jimmy -

Don't cull her!!

How quickly did you breed her after getting her home? Being stressed on top of being pregnant can cause this. I don't think the ear mites would have, but they could have aggravated the situation. I'd give her a 2 - 4 weeks to get used to her new home, get over the birth, etc etc and then try again. Don't re-breed before at least a minimum of two weeks. If she does it again, then is the time to begin considering culling.

The loss of hair has me puzzled. I have an 8 week old that is looking like she's going bald already! She's losing body hair, and has little but the downy undercoat left. Her litter mate, who is presently caged with her is fine and has a great coat. Both are healthy as can be, and no signs of mange, mites, anything. If you get yours figured out, please let me know.

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), May 10, 2001.

Jimmy, I have had rabbits that I treated for ear mites loose hair around the ears neck and top of head. I think they over groom trying to get rid of the mites and oil. I would give her another chance or two before culling. I don't think think treating for mites would cause her to kill the babies, probably stess as already suggested.

Sue,I have had young rabbits that were caged together pull each others hair, if you think this could be what is happening keep a watch on them. I went out one day and had one rabbit almost totally bald, I think I had three caged together and the two ganged up on one. It recovered, but it was a pitiful sight. I have never had it happen again. Good luck with the rabbits everybody! Dian

-- Dian (rhoffman@nctc.com), May 11, 2001.

Thanks for the replys, I read in an old book that I had gotten from Purina where it said that mites could spread to the face and limbs but offered no treatment for the skin, so yesterday I soaked the doe with mineral oil just as if you were dipping a dog! Hope it works. Wish me luck,and thanks again. Jimmy

-- Jimmy Holiday (jholiday@charter.net), May 11, 2001.

COuld it be possible that something scared that particular doe? Sometimes that can cause them to eat their babies (or do other strange things). It could have been a mouse, a dog, a cat, a racoon, something like that.

-- suzy in 'Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), May 13, 2001.

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