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I talked with Dave Carper at Ilford about the fog problem with new Delta 400; he said that so far he's received only one complaint via email, and asks that those who are having the fog problem let him know and send along a sample if possible.

Send the sample and correspondence to:

Ilford Imaging USA Inc.

West 70 Century Rd.

Paramus, NJ


Attn. D. Carper

-- John Hicks (, May 09, 2001


I have had no problem. I use the recommended DDX developer. What are you using? I ran a HD curve on this combination and found a straight line with a very small foot.

-- Don Spangler (dspang@siscom.ne5t), September 10, 2001.

I'm still trying to find where the problem was. I _think_ there was some sort of...well, shall we say disagreement...between the film and my Rollei 6003, which puts I believe an uncommon level of bending and pressure on the film within its path.

This has been odd; film run through the camera showed marks/fog, film not run through the camera had no marks/fog, eliminating a processing problem imho...but then film run through the camera and processed by Ilford showed no marks/fog. (Thanks David!)

So..since then I've shot a bunch of Delta 400 in 35mm and several 120 rolls in a Mamiya 6 without seeing any problems, but since I got some more film from a different batch I haven't yet gotten around to running a test roll through the Rollei.

I've used D-76H 1:1, but now I'm using Ilfosol-S 1:14, which seems to be a particularly good match.

-- John Hicks (, September 10, 2001.

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