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Is there any validity to claims by Better World Technologies regarding the sundance generator and hummingbird electric motor? BWT claims a person can go off the grid with their system. Is this a case of "if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is"?

-- don mathewson (, May 09, 2001


I am a Physics Grad. I have heard of several 'fake' perpetual motion machines. Scientifically such a device is impossible. In simple words, you have no chance of getting more power than you have put into a device no matter how efficient it is. For instance, let us assume we have a perfect rechargeable battery. We put in one KW into it and expect one KW out of it. Well there is no such device. The battery will (provided it is constructed to specification) gladly accept the 1KW pumped into it, but will always give out less than one KW output (because all conversion have inefficiencies). However all the above said I cannot claim that this new Hummingbird Motor is a fake. There might be something there that I (simple physics grad. being) cannot see. To substantiate the above example here is a simple law of physics “Energy can neither be created not destroyed” (only transformed from one to another). Any comments?

-- Suresh Annachi (, August 05, 2001.

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