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I was using ez cd creator 4 and I tried to create a VCD using there software but when it came to adding the MPEG file i got an error saying that my file will not work on a VCD plaer and that I need a MPEG Encoder that supports Video CD encoding. I used ati tv-wonder to capture the video and TMPGEnc to compress it. What am I doing wrong????

Thanks Jeff

-- Jeff Blake (, May 08, 2001


Ati Multimedia Center Version 7.0+ supports VCD compliant MPEG encoding, you can upgrade it from Ati's Website (

You can also try TMPEGenc ( to convert your standard files to vcd compliant files.

If you capture your files directrly to Mpeg format, try to have the standard VCD parmeters (352 x 240 pixels, 29.97 fps, etc)

-- Arturo Escobosa (, May 08, 2001.

You need to "LOAD" the VCD templet in TMPGEnc, either NTSC or PAL as appropriate.

-- me (, May 09, 2001.

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