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I have a hen who was born last fall. She already wants to set, even though her eggs aren't even full size yet. I'd let her set if I thought there was any chance she could hatch chicks. Is she too young? The rooster is the same age. Could they produce viable chicks?

-- Shannon at Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary (, May 08, 2001


I'm pretty sure I've had first year hens set. Do you have any larger eggs from other hens you could give her? (They don't care whose eggs they sit, I have even had them hatch guineas.) If not, I don't think there would really be a problem with her sitting her own. My guess would be that the chicks would be on the small side. If she's as persistent as some broodies, she may be sitting around for a few weeks whether you give her eggs or not. If you don't mind getting the chicks, I think you may as well give it a try. :)

-- mary, texas (, May 09, 2001.

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