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I'm not sure if this will be enough info, but I have a 1990 vintage otis 2 landing hydro.

What are my cheapest and easiest alternatives to adding a door restrictor to meet code.

I see several micro controlled packages with optics and reflective tape, batteries etc. Sure it would work, but I'm sure there is a cheap mechanical system that would be much less maintence free and more simple. Our system gets used only once or twice a day so simple is what I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks, in advance, Will

-- Will Pickering (, May 08, 2001


Will, the cheapest door restrictor i know of is bolting a piece of angle iron to your cab door and a piece to each hoistway door it will meet code but can be a pain when you need to seperate doors for repairs or matinence when car is at landing.i think you can find this method in use on older otis, dover and some newer schindler applications.if you are interested e-mail me and i can explain it in more detail. good luck !

-- mike moore (, August 09, 2001.

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