article on ga railroad in 1973 showing where trains are at 1201 : LUSENET : ACL and SAL Railroads Historical Society : One Thread

there was an article in a trade magazine printed after march 1973 showing where trains were at 1201 pm.

has picture of train dispatcher b. mitchell at the dispr office at hunter st atlanta ga.

any one have a copy?

gw deason

-- GW DEASON (, May 07, 2001


September 1967 Trains Magazine has nice article by Don Phillips on GARR mixed trains. Some of Forrest Beckum's much used pics, but also some very nice 1960s shots by Victor Hand.

-- David Harris (, September 08, 2003.

The article in the 1977 Railfan, by the way, is probably the best piece on the Georgia Road ever published by a major magazine. The absolute ultimate best information in the universe about the Georgia Railroad, of course, is the book that Bob himself wrote.

-- Rob Richardson (, November 23, 2001.

There was an article in the Family Lines Magazine in 1974 that contained a photo of Bryant Mitchell at the dispatcher's console at 4 Hunter Street HQ. it did not have a map showing the location of the "fleet", tho. There was an article in Railfan Magazine with this map in 1977, but no photo of Bryant Mitchell.

Not much help, here.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, May 13, 2001.

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