"CountDown To Summer Drive Season"

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Using computer on solar power during this Stage 2 power alert, here is a website posting about gasoline supply and price woes.

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"OPIS Countdown To Summer Drive Season"

All year, OPIS Editors have warned about the potential for $3 per/gal retail gasoline prices this spring and summer. Now's the time to prepare for the wild ride, with spot and wholesale gasoline and diesel prices reaching stunning levels -- huge retail gas spikes are just around the corner...

April 10, 2001, OPIS Reports:

..."The violent wholesale increases of the last 21 days pushed the nationwide pump price through $1.50 gal this morning," notes Fred Rozell," Retail Pricing Director for OPIS. ...Marketers buying fuel on the wholesale markets face the worst margin squeeze since the Persian Gulf War. ...Wholesale prices are moving up by 5 times the rate of street prices. ...dozens of suppliers increased prices on an intraday basis with some double digit moves for gas and diesel. ...Spot gasoline prices spiked higher at a breakneck pace, with some regional grades up as much as 54% from March 20. ...Most markets have seen increases of 20-30cts gal, and costs for high octane reformulated gasoline have advanced by nearly 45cts gal in the northeast. ...New record highs were seen for spot prices in New York, the U.S. Gulf Coast, and the Midwestern Group 3 market. ...Refinery maintenance has dragged on much longer than expected and the trading community fears that supplies will be especially snug going into the Summer driving season. ... The price of premium reformulated gasoline, used by New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, has risen some 54% or 44.5 cts/gal since March 20. ...Some refiners are having difficulty making premium gasoline to meet EPA standards.

And this is just the beginning -- just one April Afternoon...

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-- Robert Riggs (rxr.999@worldnet.att.net), May 07, 2001


REFINERY PROBLEMS, REFINERY PROBLEMS.... Are they all crashing from old age - or is it Y2K?

-- John littmann (LITTMANNJOHNTL@AOL.COM), May 07, 2001.

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