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Can someone please tell me of a decent site that will show me small chicken coop / tractor plans, or if any one has plans and could scan and e-mail. Would be much appreciated

-- Steve Hill (, May 06, 2001


Hi Steve try this site it has links to other good information too. Daryll

-- Daryll (, May 06, 2001.

This one has lots of links for chicken coops and tractors. Hope this helps!

-- Tracey in AL (, May 06, 2001.

After months of head scratching I finally figured that a 'chicken tractor' is a chicken coop that can be dragged around. Am I right? If so, why is it not called a 'chicken tractee'?

-- John Hill (, May 06, 2001.

Fancier if you go to the chicken sites of these sites have good people that raise chickens and fowl. they have some sites they will list for you so put your question on these sites.

-- Glenda l. heywood (, May 08, 2001.

I have visited Joel Salatin's farm a few times, and have seen how they make their 12'x12'x2' pasture pens. Their pens seem to me to not provide for the roosting instinct of the chickens, forcing them to put their feet into the mud in rainy weather. This of course is not good for their health.

I plan to build a couple of chicken tractors in the next couple of weeks. These are the plans:

I plan to build an A-frame that is 8'x6' on the bottom, with a height of 5'.The ridge would run parallel with the short side.I plan to use 2x4's for the base, and go up with 2x2's. In the one side, there will be a small door. I plan to reinforce the coop frame diagonally, and then cover it entirely with chicken wire. Over the wire on one side and over both sides of the roof, down to about 1' from the ground, will go a tarp, nailed down with thin strips of wood for reinforcement. The door side should have tarp on about 1/3 of the way down. Inside, I plan to affix three 2x2's across the pen as roosts, one on each side of the door, and one above the door. I will need also to attach a long wire from one side to the other as a handle. Probably should run the wire through some plastic tubing for cushioning. I am still thinking how to put small wheels on the other side. The pen needs to fit smack down against the ground when not being moved. I want this to be lightweight enough for me as a 5'2" lady to be able to move by myself. (or perhaps with a working dog.) I will probably need to build two of these, as I am raising 50 layers this summer, and want them on pasture as they grow. The twenty egg- eaters in the hen house will move to the freezer when the next flock gets to laying. I simply have to expand the flock, as I never have enough eggs for my customers.

-- daffodyllady (, May 10, 2001.

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