volunartary repossession

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i brought a house for 38000 in 1991 and tried to sell it in 1996 but as the area had gone downhill it was valued at around 33000 and i had no offers. i then rented it out as i was working in another town, since then i have been unemployed for 2/3 years and put tenants in but they do not pay rent and it is costing me alot in repairing damage/evicting them. also abbey national keep pestering me for money if i am more than 2 months in arrears as i have no rent money or other income to pay mortage. i cannot keep on like this and i am tempted to hand keys back to abbey national. if i do this what are my rights.. i have around 24000 outstanding on mortage and think the property is worth around 30000. would i have a say in the price the property is sold for if i give keys back, or should i auction property, i do not know what to do. i am desperately fed-up. please advice best way to pursue this

-- rakesh sabbarwal (r2sabbarwal@yahoo.com), May 05, 2001

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