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Gas Skyrockets Above $2

High Prices Fuel Motorists' Frustration CIRCLE PINES, Minn., 7:08 p.m. CDT May 4, 2001 -- Gas prices have topped $2 per gallon for the first time this spring in the Twin Cities. WCCO 4 News checked prices Friday around the metro area. The average gallon of unleaded gas cost $1.75. The average was $1.52 one month ago. A year ago, a gallon of unleaded gas cost $1.37.

"I just bought a big Suburban, and now gas is at $1.89," customer James Brown said. "With a 13 gallon tank, it takes $25 bucks to fill up."

Watch for prices to jump again June 1 when a new federally mandated additive is introduced.

In the DFL-controlled Senate Friday, lawmakers voted to guarantee that state gas stations charge prices that reflect their costs plus a 6 percent profit. Critics say that the move will increase prices. The Senate approved the measure on a 42-18 vote.

Sponsor Steve Murphy of Red Wing says that the bill will prevent big retailers from driving mom-and-pop stations out of business.

State law already prohibits selling gas below cost, but it does not specify a profit margin. The bill also gives the Commissioner of Commerce new powers to enforce the law.

Republican Sen. Sheila Kiscaden of Rochester says that the bill builds in a floor that actually will increase gas prices and boost profits for large chains.

-- Martin Thompson (, May 05, 2001


No Suburban has a 13 gallon tank. My Nissan truck has a 13 gallon tank and its a 4 cylinder and weighs half as much as a Suburban. They usually have 25 gallon tanks or larger.

-- Guy Daley (, May 05, 2001.

Suburban.....that would be a 42 gallon tank! Ours sits in the garage (bought and paid for) and is now considered our RV. I zoom around in a Toyota corolla now. Premium gas in Madison, WI $2.07 a gallon

-- Prepgirl (, May 05, 2001.

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