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I'm doing some research regarding the "dulux gold" lettering used by the Seaboard. Studying Paul Falk's book, I notice what appears to be thin black lining around the SEABOARD lettering, or shadowing, or ?

1. Did the Seaboard do this, or did they paint the lettering black slightly larger , then the dulux gold over that, or am I just seeing things?

2. I think there were two other styles of dulux gold extended "roman" serif and a "block" serif. Any idea when these were used and on what cars? Were cars with this lettering replaced with the "streamlined" SEABOARD lettering in the 50's?

3. If you have Paul's book, look at the photo of the combine at the bottom of page 16. On the end of the car there is a peculiar looking triangle shaped stencil. It shows up much better on a coach on page 19 at the top. What is that? It appears again on "american flyer" coach 833 at the top of page 21, but in other photos that show parts of car ends the "triangle" is absent.


-- Buck Dean (, May 05, 2001


If I remember correctly,that little triangle had something to do with testing of the handbrakes.Therefore would not show up on the "A" end of the car.That is why you might see it in some pictures and not in others.

-- Joseph Oates (, May 05, 2001.

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