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This information is all 2nd hand, but I trust my source. Gas in the Twin Cities went from $1.61 Monday to $1.89 last night

I was the only customer at my gas station tonight and had a chance to talk to the attendant, a middle-aged woman who loves to visit with customers and vendors. She told me her trucker had told her that the latest price increase was due to a breakdown at the refinery that supplies the area Super America stations. They are buying the bulk of the gas made by the other area refinery. This has left the independents without supply. Her supplier could not get Regular and so they are selling premium grade out of the Regular pumps.

She also said that her trucker predicted prices of $2.50 by the end of the month.

-- John littmann (LITTMANNJOHNTL@AOL.COM), May 04, 2001


Whats funny is that the entire financial world is discounting the value of super high gas prices. As if they will have absolutely no affect on our economy whatsoever. Gas has reached no less than $1.59 here in the Phoenix metro area but it is more often to be found in the low to mid $1.60s range. This is great for causing inflation. I even noticed a coversation on one of the eBay chat boards about the outrageous price of gasoline around the country. One person drives 180 miles each day to work and that's the equalivalent cost of a mortgage payment in gas every month.

-- Guy Daley (, May 05, 2001.

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