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I've been looking for an inexpensive, light, plastic boat that can take a beating and won't cause suicide (mine) if it's stolen. I have a Hankins skiff, which is terrific, but it's not exactly transportable. The Discovery Sport (a square stern canoe) fits the bill, except I have no idea how it rows. Does anyone have experience with this boat? Does anyone have a recommendation on an inexpensive, light, plastic boat that can take a beating, and, and, and, rows well, even in chop? (How about waves?) I know. I'm probably asking for the moon. Thanks.

-- Marc J. Epstein (, May 04, 2001


Marc, you may have found this already. In the "Uncategorized" section of this board, go to Dwight Romagnoli's question "Does anyone have any information on a drop-in unit that makes a canoe "rowable"? Any help would be appreciated. " The responses, in part, answer your question as well.

-- michael kaspareck (, May 25, 2001.

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