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What happens to your site during the summer recess? How do you get your site ready and updated for the next school year? How do you keep your on-line community interested during the summer? How do you make sure the webmaster's email gets answered?

-- Terry Kearns (, May 03, 2001


We spend most of the last few weeks of school getting ready for the summer recess. My students (Yes I have a class who is totally responsible for the site)put the new classes that are offered on each department's page and any information pertinent to each department. As far as e-mail goes, I am the one who is listed as Webmaster on all links on our site. I have the capability to check school e-mail from home and respond accordingly. If someone wants something added to the site (like Alumni Reunion info) I print the message and it gets done as soon as I am available to do it. I can work on the site from home and upload it when I get the chance to do it at school. This seems work for us.

Heather Renfroe
Technology Teacher & GBHS Web Manager
Gulf Breeze High School

-- Heather Renfroe (, May 04, 2001.

I wish we had a class who wanted this as an undertaking. I volunteer to do it for the school my daughter goes to (although graduates this year) but also work there as a German/Latin teacher. The biggest problem I see is not stepping on someone's creative toes. One student says that black backgrounds are the best, although if put with too many dark projects a negative image. Our school colors are gold and white but we have black as a trim to offset. Anyway, last year a very artistic student wanted to do the page. He had great ideas! But he got too busy with senior activities and it never did get going. This year we have two blocks of tech. classes helping. Unfortunately, I gave each of them a page to do and it took the entire term to get those pages up. Students didn't really want to do it! WE have teachers wanting pages and unless I do them, they don't get up. Right now my option is teaching teachers how to do it

-- Vicki Fish (, May 07, 2001.

1. We update very little during the summer. Most of my summer is spent creating a CD-ROM of the past year's web site. We have created the CD for the last two school years as a fund raiser. Sort of like a yearbook (only much better) :)

2. We have kept the same "look" for the last two years. We are not heavy into "fancy" looking pages. We strive for fast loading pages. We are considering a new look for this year - and the responsability for this is in the hands of our student webmaster. If he gets it done - great. If not, we will go with the same "look".

3. We don't. We probably should, but with how much time we spend on the site during the school year, everyone needs a break.

4. I check the email daily.

-- Ronnie Continenza (, July 20, 2001.

I am the webmaster of (Paul Laurence Dunbar High School) in Lexington, Kentucky. During the summer, I maintain the site everyday or so. I make sure everything is working properly and update it whenever information is sent to me. (I use Remotely Anywhere)

-- Kevin Spencer (, November 03, 2001.

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