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DMS has any one had dealings with this organisation? they have sent me four letters since december 2000 all with the same threats etc my dispute is with the chelsea who are pursuing from a 1993 /4 repo. i am not too concerned has the solicitors gave up in 1999 and i have had letters from at least 3 other debt agencies.

-- mark (, May 03, 2001


If they are who I think they are, we are talking about the company mentioned in the Arrears section of this site under "Debt Counsellors" at:


I have heard the odd mention of them over the last three years but nothing specific.

You will be aware from reading the page mentioned above that I consider it unethical that they represent themselves to the public as mortgage debt counsellors while also carrying out a repossession shortfall debt recovery.

As for how to deal with them, you should exercise your rights as detailed on this site.

Good luck and hang in there.


-- Lee (, May 04, 2001.

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