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Thursday, 3 May, 2001, 03:50 GMT 04:50 UK Bottled water 'a waste of money'

Cheaper and better for the environment, says the WWF

By Claire Doole in Geneva (BBC)

Research commissioned by a Swiss-based conservation group indicates that bottled water is often no healthier or safer to drink than tap water.

The World Wide Fund for Nature argues strongly that bottled water is not only environmentally unfriendly but also a waste of money

The research by the University of Geneva shows that bottled water sells for up to 1,000 times the price of tap water, but that the quality is often no better.

In 50% of cases the only difference is that bottled water has added minerals and salts, which do not actually mean the water is healthier.

Furthermore, some bottled waters are exactly the same standard as tap water, without being as energy efficient.

Uphill battle

Tap water comes from underground pipes, while the manufacture, distribution and disposal of bottled water requires much more energy and fuel.

While the WWF does acknowledge that bottled water is generally safer in areas where tap water is contaminated, it says boiling or filtering local water is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative.

The long-term solution, it argues, is to clean up municipal water supplies.

But in the meantime, the conservationists are fighting an uphill battle.

The bottled water market is booming. It is the fastest growing drinks industry in the world and shows no signs of drying up.

-- PHO (, May 03, 2001


One can get to the bottom of this question quickly and easily. Ask the WWF if they endorse fluoride. If they say yes, realise that they are as corrupted as the World Health Organization and thus stay away from ANYTHING they recommend or say. Meantime, I'll continue to drink bottled (non-fluoridated) water as my municipal supplier adds it in at 1 ppm.

A quality reverse osmosis system for a house will run about 2,000. Just think twice about sending it through your copper pipes (re: Hulda Clark, The Cure For All Diseases).

A portable steam distiller might be the way to go, they'll only set you back about 700, but require maintenance/cleaning.

Obtaining proper water is a tough solution, but drinking untreated tap water is pure lunacy.

-- Ken (, May 03, 2001.

Ken,brings up some good points.

But you don't need to spend huge money to get a good system. for ~$200 you can get a RO unit delivered. If you want it in the whole house then plumb your own extensions off of this system using NEW teflon hose, and 'special' faucets -- you only use this for drinking / hygiene and cooking.

Plan on changing the filters every 3, 4, 6 months depending on how bad your local water is. You can add an Ultraviolet unit and get tryly 'bug free' water.

I'm just a satitisfied customer.

-- (, May 03, 2001.

Don't guesss trusting water from a common well might interest these folks.

-- Oh Lord, won't (, May 04, 2001.

Bottled water is just dumb, unless it's the only safe water you have! There is something really weird about paying $1-2 /litre for a plastic bottle with ordinary water in it (ostensibly renewable if we didn't crap in it) and $0.69/litre for refined gasoline that will never be seen again! Selling bottled water is just a marketing scheme. Funny thing that the places which need it the most can't AFFORD to BUY it! Ciao KJ

-- Kevin jepson (, May 04, 2001.

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