Kodak Panchromatic Film

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Has anybody any experience with Kodak Panchromatic film rated at EI 400 - 3200? It's cheap and I was hoping it could substitute for TMax. The box says it can be exposed anywhere form EI 100 to EI 3200. Any advice on processing and exposure?


Gdog a.

-- Gdog Gdog Gd (glamour@mozcom.com), May 03, 2001


Sorry about the name. That's my guard dog security software at work.

Jorge Andrada

-- Jorge Andrada (glamour@mozcom.com), May 03, 2001.


I checked at Kodak's web site and found 3 films with the word Panchromatic in their names. None of them would be suitable for use as a substitute for TMax. If you want to get info on these 3 films, then go to http://www.kodak.com/cgi-bin/searchKodak.cgi? collection=ProductCatalog&result_template=products.result.template&lin k_template=products.link.template&noresult_template=products.noresult. template&searchText=panchromatic.

-- Ken Burns (kenburns@twave.net), May 03, 2001.

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