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How far can the effects of a average earthquake be felt from the fault line.

-- Nicholas Duval (, May 02, 2001


I read the chapter on Earthquakes in the text book and found from reading that, that the distance away from the fault line that the effects can be felt, all depends on how much movement is going on at the fault line. The larger the earthquake, and the larger the fault, the farther away the effects will be able to be felt. This also has to do with the number that the quake is given on the richter scale. Large earthquakes high on the scale can be felt for miles and miles. Smaller ones, would be only felt right around the fault. A good page to read in the book would be 417. It talks about the ruchter scale and may help you a little. Sorry if I was not that much of a help to you.

-- Kathleen Belus (, May 02, 2001.

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