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I received my Ti system today. I intend to have the connecting pipes polished and would like to mod the end cans like the ones on casolis web site,anyone know how to do this? Also,any tips on fitting the new eprom-i don,t even know where it goes!

-- ian hall (, May 02, 2001


Ian, casoli anodises the end cans. had mine done silver and polished the rest. looked great. having gone and done that, now fitted (eventually!!) a set of blueflame performance pipes. sound great, lighter and feels like more mid range but have still to dyno it. to fit chip you have to unscrew the cpu under the seat and remove the MV silver sticker thingy. then you just pick off the sealant holding oem chip in place and slot the new one in. cheers

-- fraser butters (, May 03, 2001.

Ian... Be sure to disconnect the battery (black, earth lead only will do) before removing or replacing the Eprom...otherwise, the Eprom and/or the entire CPU may be smoked! Be careful to orient the slot on one end of the Eprom with the slot on the base onto which it is being inserted...proper orientation is critical. Straighten the pins before inserting, and take GREAT care not to bend the pins while inserting (there are Eprom holders available to make this easier). If none of this makes sense, allow someone who has done this before to do it for you. It's really quite straightforward. Good luck

-- Larry Wolf (, May 03, 2001.

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