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Dear Fanciers if any one wants answers to these problems with poultry, waterfowl, turkeys and the like I have free emails that I will send you. These problems are as old as poultry is Like with Scaley Leg Mites just use some vaseline and then dip into the 5% seven dust and keep the bird medicated this way for several weeks. What happens when you renew the vaseline and seven dust every week the vaseline heals and smothers the mite and the Seven dust keeps the nites killed. I do have other treatments and will be happy to share just email me at Glenda L. heywood http;// Also any one send me your name and address for a free sample of NPn will be sent one in may Thanks Glenda

-- G.L.Heywood (, May 02, 2001


Thanks Glenda! Our rooster, Matt, has scaly ankles. His brother, Ruby (poor Ruby is the victim of a misinformed naming committee), may also be infected. I have printed out your instructions and will try it on our guys. Thank you. Sandy

-- Sandy in MN (, May 03, 2001.

McMurry Hatchery also has some inexpensive stuff in their catalog called VetRx that has worked well for me, getting rid of scaley leg. Eagle

-- eagle (, May 05, 2001.

Glenda, Send me anything you've got too!

Some of my birds have the scaly leg thing. I bought some Ectiban at the feed store and dusted them with it. Not an experience I want to repeat so I put some in their favorite dusting holes in the yard. I've also put wood ashes in their dusting hole. If this doesn't work, I'll try the vaseline and seven dust (or maybe the Ectiban?).

Thanks for the information!

-- Heather in MD (, May 07, 2001.

Fancier i don't want to discourage you but the only ethical method of ridding the birds with scaley leg NOW, is to use the Vaseline or VetrX or sweet oil, or camphoneque, then put the birds leg completely in the 55 seven dust. First the birds legg has to be healed by the oil, the mites have to be smothered by the oil, and the seven dust keeps them off the bird when hatching as nites. So please for the sake of the injured bird, as this is like a injury and very sore so they need the soothing use of the vaseline or oil to be healed. This treatment needs done at least twice a week for a month. The bird ha to sluff off the old diseased tissue the mites ate and lived in. Thus called scaley legg. So do this and you will see an improvement Also take a quart of unused new car oil and mix with that much kereosene and then take a paint brush and paint all the roost poles and the building cracks and holes in wood where the mites and lice live. Do this once a week for a month and will kill all the existing mites and lice, where they live and hatch in dark places in the wood. That is all i have so will guess you can save your birds by using this old timey advise. Glenda L. Heywood send for a free sample of NPN now. email me yur name and address.

-- Glenda L. Heywood (, May 08, 2001.

Fancier the cheapest place to buy VetrX is from G-K Exoticfarms their 800 number to order is 1-866-9gkfarm They have good prices and beat all the others. Very nice family owned fancier business.

-- Glenda L. heywood (, May 08, 2001.

I have recently started developing a series of bumps on my legs that look like insect bites. Someone brought chickens to my office when I was on leave and left them by my desk. It turns out that the chickens had scaley feet which were said to be due to a mite. Does anyone know if there are any mites in chickens that may explain my problem? Please send me as much information as possible as soon as possible as I am in severe discomfort.

-- richard chin (, July 26, 2001.

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