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Concerning (bad)vibrations

If your bikes are Michelin tyres equiped and you're often staying on brakes when you're cornering, like olds TX15 (like on first Duc 916), than the bike will vibrate at some speeds but not at hight speed. Does anyone knows if bikes with Pirelli do the same ? Attention that wasn't when the bike was new of course...and note that Michelin are goods for the wet. Another very important point with the F4 is when you do the chain clearance, than you MUST retune the rear hight with MV tool in other case the bike will shake. If someone has suspension questions I was specialized for that and worked on race bikes for 4 year mainly with Race Tech products.

Bests regards


I really think that Michelin are not good for some type of riding... but tyres, like other things, are better for something and not so good in others

-- Laurent GABERELL (laurent.gaberell@urbanet.ch), May 02, 2001


I have considerable mileage on my MV and have not yet experienced your problem with the Pilot Sport tires. Did you check to see if the tires are mounted and spinning in the correct direction. My other suggestion would be to lift the front end, and to see if thre are any tire deformation. The tire might not be well mounted on the rim and that could possibly cause the vibration.

-- Fabio Andrade (fandrade@ukans.edu), May 08, 2001.

Have the same problem of a shaking head after adjusting the chain. What do you mean with retuning the rear hight, spoke about it with my dealer but he doesn't know about it. Very best regards Eddy Joossens

-- eddy joossens (eddyjoossens@belgacom.net), June 10, 2001.

Dear Eddy you MUST check the height. Your dealer must have instructions on the manual but if he hasn't just let me know and I check the height on my bike. You just have to understand that on single swingarms the rear hub is big and exentric and every time you turn the hub for chain clearance ajusting, because of the exentric you modify also the rear height. And than this modify the front fork angle (that's why some persons increase the rear height for better handling). The right way to doing is to put the bike on the paddock stand and put a special tool on bike's frame. Than you have to mesure the distance between the hub and tool. If your dealer hasn't the tool, I can give you the mesure between hub and a point on the rear fairing. You must doing that on every chain clearance!!!



-- Laurent GABERELL (laurent.gaberell@urbanet.ch), June 11, 2001.

Thanks a lot for the answer. Only having the exact seat height, which should be 790 mm, I tried the following: I put the bike upright on the ground with a large ruler on the seat and measured the distance to the ground, which was 810 mm. So I lowered it with the rear spring preload till 800 mm and tried the handling again which was a bit better but still shaky between 60 and 95 km/h. Not having more accurate dimensions I am going to try another dealer maybe he knows about. Very best regards

-- eddy joossens (eddyjoossens@belgacom.net), June 11, 2001.

My God !!! Eddy don't try this at home...I will take the real measurments for you. You don't have to change the preload (or you have but only for tune the bike in regard of your weight)but for increase or lower the rear you have to screw or uscrew the shaft located between swingarm and shock.Just be patient, I let you know the right things. Just give me your weight.... Cheers


-- Laurent GABERELL (laurent.gaberell@urbanet.ch), June 12, 2001.

My weight is around 77 kilos. Tried lowering the bike today with no result, I also checked the head bearing. So if you could give the dimensions it might help a lot. Best regards

-- Eddy Joossens (eddyjoossens@belgacom.net), June 12, 2001.

Good news, got the original setting by measuring on a new bike. Put the same on mine and the problem is as good as gone, what is left over is a little shake between 100 and 80 km/h and only if you go down, not if you go from 80 till 100 and this is probably due to an overstressed front tire. Thanks for the help and maybe see you some day. Very best regards

-- Eddy Joossens (eddyjoossens@belgacom.net), June 13, 2001.

Excellent... how mutch Km has your front tyre ? Try to add 3 clicks on your shock in compression.(setting on the top of the shock.) Doing that on my bike didn't solve the problem but that was better. Note that the weather was very bad in Swizerland last year and I ride a lot with rainy weather on wet roads, ence instead a life of 3000 km with the front tyre on my previous bike (GSXR 98) with the MV, I changed at 11000 km.... My bike is now 12800 km



-- Laurent GABERELL (laurent.gaberell@teknoparts.ch), June 14, 2001.

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