Dyeing chicken feathers and deer tails

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Does anyone know what kind of dye to use when dyeing chicken feathers, deer hides, tails, squirrel hides, etc. It must not water fade. I've always thrown this stuff away after butchering, but would like to start using them in fly tying material.

-- Russell Hays (rhays@sstelco.com), May 02, 2001


would think anything that dyes a natural fiber should work.

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), May 02, 2001.

Feathers and fur dye differently. Feathers can be dyed with just about anything - even food coloring. Commercial dyes are required for leathers and fur... If you make your own, alum mordants and iron work just about the best. Tin and copper don't work quite as well, but can be used if they are absolutely necessary...

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), May 02, 2001.

Tandy carries dye products. They are out of business in a lot, if not most local stores, but still have a WEB site you can order from. Sorry, don't have the address anymore, but search for "Tandy".

-- Lynn Goltz (lynngoltz@aol.com), May 03, 2001.


I use to die my own feathers with Ritz die just be sure and boil it before dipping your feathers.I also use to bleach out darker feathers and die them. Hope this helps Jack

-- Jack Murdock (jack_m_65807@yahoo.com), May 15, 2001.

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