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Dear All

I have a contact, can't say who just yet, who seems to think they are able to get hold of genuine Arrow/CRC open pipes for the F4. He is convinced it will not be a problem, however here's the deal - to make it worth his time and money, he has to have atleast 10 firm orders.

This is not a scam, and is all legitimate and above board. I do not want to take money from you, and when he has given me a final realistic price, you can deal with him directly at his business address and hand over your cash for the goods.

At the moment it is impossible to obtain these pipes in the UK, atleast thats what I've found. 3X have no info, and by some of the comments on this board, Phil Read sonds a bit shifty. ALL I WANT ARE THESE RACE PIPES.

If you are interested in coming in on this deal, drop me an email in the first instance. If it comes off, I'll contact you further with more details.

Cheers, Bob

-- Bob (, May 01, 2001


HEY, watch this folks. I replied and recevied an email asking for my home address from someone called Bernadette, who ever she may be. I wonder why??

-- (, May 02, 2001.


if you are interested you can already buy open-race pipes at a store calles RED FOX IMPORT in belgium (tel n 0032 52 42 63 63 ask for Jan). I race myself with an MV in a Belgian Championship and I have such pipes.

best regards

-- jellen (, May 02, 2001.

Hery again! Don't worry about the Bernadette thing, It was a pure coincidence that the mail arrived from her about MV's. It was a reply to a query I sent about an add in MCN 2 weeks ago. Someone advertising ORO parts etc. will keep yopu posted.

-- willy (, May 02, 2001.

Hello everyone, Me again

Just to clear a few things up, the email ginnyoneuk received wasn't from me.

The deal I am proposing about the MV race pipes is for the official, factory supplied (made by Arrow) pipes. Same appearance as standard, different internals and sound though.

The deal is being brokered by a contact who says its only worth him importing a minimum of ten, and he wants firm orders.

I have had four responses so far, and including me, we're half way there. If any more of you are interested, please email me.

I will hopefully be able to email you all soon with an exact price.

Regards, Bob

-- Bob (, May 03, 2001.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am having the samples of these MV-CRC pipes. If you could help us in getting the contract with the company it would be great help to me.kindly, do reply as I will get you the reasonable rates of these pipes. Please, give me us the opportunity to get interact with you.

Regards, Miss.Rajwinder Kaur

-- Miss.Rajwinder Kaur (, November 11, 2002.

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