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Does anyone have photographs of the backhead/cab interior of an ACL P-5-A or P-5-B 4-6-2 (or any ACL steam locomotives) that they would be willing to copy and sell? Thanks in advance for any help.

-- Buddy Hill (, May 01, 2001



I'll search this weekend for some photos I may have of the backhead of the ACL 4-6-0 at the Wilmington RR Museum. As I recall, the cab area was not in the best condition and gauges and such were missing (of course it is open to the public). I was in the cab of 1504 in November 1998 (late night) when all the plexiglas was down and she was stripped, blasted and primed for repainting. I was amazed at how well preserved the cab interior and backhead were....all gauges,cushions on the seats, window sashes....all valve controls and levers appeared to be in fine shape....where was my camera. I sure wish they would construct a roof to protect her from the elements.

-- mark huband (, May 04, 2001.

I attempted to take photos of the 1504's backhead/cab, right after she was moved to the convention center. Unfortunately, all my photos turned out blurry. Probably a combination of slow shutter speed and the excitement of actually standing in an ACL steam locomotive. I'll definitely follow up with Sammy. Thanks for your help.

-- Buddy Hill (, May 04, 2001.


If you could slip around the plexiglas at the Pacific sitting in the parking lot at the Osbourne Center you could get pictures. Two years ago during the train show, early Saturday morning, Sammy Hill and I did just that. He was getting ready to build one in O-scale, but I can't remember if he took pictures or just did sketches. My brain she don't work so good no more. You could call Sammy and ask. If you need a phone number, email me off list.


-- david wiggs (, May 03, 2001.

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