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Is there anything in the world that you wouldn't do for money? Like, I probably wouldn't eat slugs. Some people pay restaurants for the privalege of eating slugs and calling it gourmet. How retarded is that?

-- Angela (, May 01, 2001


If you paid me enough, I'd do almost anything. ALMOST.

-- O.L.A.F. (, May 01, 2001.

Remember those cryptic words Greg said......."Evrybody has a price."

-- The Archangel Mikey G. (, May 01, 2001.

Like most everyone else who doesn't have any money, I would do pretty much anything for money. Not even a lot of money. I'd watch that new Christina Agulilera, someone, someone, and that chick with the pink hair (not Gwen Stefani) video over and over, even though IT SUCKS! Come to think of it, it would be worse to be forced to watch MTV all day, because you would eventually get to that abberation that is TRL.... ah, I babble in thought... shoot me!

-- Mike D! (, May 02, 2001.

I know that a guy got breast implants on a dare for $10,000 if he kept them for 6 months. Turns out that they get him chicks and he started liking them. Go figure...

-- Casheeish the Brilliant (, May 02, 2001.

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