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I have just read Q&A posting re. House Price/ valuation (Feb 04, 2001)and I am appalled at the figure invloved in the GROSS underselling of Eleanor Scott's flat. The issue of underselling is fundamental to cases of re-possession and creates a 'shortfall' in a major number of cases. If the re-po'd properties were marketed in a fair and d=effective way by the lenders, who should be legally bound to do really obtain 'the best price reasonably available'(and provide proof of those actions, the matter of shortfall would not arise in many, many cases.

My own particular grievance does not involve 'shortfall'but nevertheless \I WAS left penniless as well as homeless.(A state of affairs well known to many visitors to this site!) It is caused by the cavalier attitude of the lenders which in turn conveys a message to the [public that because we hit a bad patch in our lives we are fair game and deserve to be robbed.

Hence my question, at a previous re. the Ombudsman. It was the Ombudsman who in effect allowed the Cheltenham & Gloucester B. Soc to avoid providing the data information relating to marketing especially that I had requested.

Any comments or advice anyone ? All contributions gratefully received.


-- Joy Harker (joytelkomstar@bun.com), April 30, 2001


joy i am also with c and g and in negative equity. i would appreciate your help in how you dealt with them and they you cheers elliott

-- elliottdix (elliottdix@aol.com), May 01, 2001.

Hello Elliot, I'm sorry, but not surprised that you are having problems. I have just posted a response to Amanda re.HAMMOND STODDARD - How do they prove debt? Have a look at that for now and I'll post further info re. D.P.Act as soon as I can.

It would appear from your question that details of the marketing activities relating to your property, should be provided by by C&G. These should include valuations. Cheers for now, Joy.

-- Joy Harker (joytelkomstar@bun.com), May 02, 2001.

According to a Home Office leaflet which I picked up from my local library, the Human Rights Act applies to all public bodies and to organisations which carry out a public function. Walter Merrick, the chief Ombudsman, has I believe conceded in a press interview that this means that the Ombudsmen are subject to the terms of the HRA. Article 6 gives everyone the right to a fair, impartial and *public* hearing, *within a reasonable time*. I would have thought that it was 'fair' to expect a 'duty of care' from the Ombudsman.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), May 04, 2001.

Thank you very much Eleanor, An independent clear thinking opinion is invaluable Joy.

-- Joy Harker (joytelkomstar@bun.com), May 04, 2001.

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