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Hi: I know it's not B&W but there are all you guys with 5x4 or 10X8 cameras that just gotta know Europe. My niece is going to Paris for 3 months and rather than packing 36 rolls of film from Canada, does anyone know of a place (or chain?) for quality, yet cheep film (35mm colour). I know if she goes to the tourist places she is going to get way over charged. Plus, would anyone know a good place to get developing done? I think she is going to some place called Tours an hour from Paris -- being a totaly provincial Western Canadian, I don't know much about France.

Thanks for you help, and please delete this post when it has passed it's usefullness, or if it is innapropriate. Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, April 30, 2001


'Scuse my spelling - Boulevard Beaumarchais has a great concentration of enthusiast camera shops. It runs from the Place de la Bastille. Take the metro to the station of the same name. Recommended for anyone going to Paris. Prices are reasonable; plan to spend a day there!

Also, there's a range of high quality department stores called FNAC all over Paris. This is retailing for locals - not a tourist rip-off. They do quality gear, even up to Leica SLRs! (Nothing similar exists in the UK.) I'm sure they do quality D&P as well. Nice range of photo books. Fine shops.

-- Herbert Gibson (, April 30, 2001.

Thank you, and my niece thanks you Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, May 07, 2001.

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