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What the hell is going on these days?,all I have been hearing for the last 6 months are stories of hacks being cut down all over the place,and some of these guys (or whatever the female version of that is) have been scratch free for years.I was in Israel hours after Sharon went stomping around the Mount and in no time at all there were hacks filling the hospitals,even I was hit,but a cleverly placed shin guard took the sting out of it.Is this just a bad patch we are going through or is it "the season"?. Incidentally,Anybody know anything about "Sodium Meta-Bi Sulphate" or Meat Preservative as it is better known.I have used it many times for some quite nasty injuries but what is the medical advice on it?. Also,anybody know of a decent First Aid Kit that will fit into the thigh pocket of my combat trousers?

-- Mike Gallagher (, April 30, 2001


I should think it no surprise you haven't been answered since April 30, 2001,,,,,,,,,,,,,, how about you put your combat pants on & go play with your toy soldiers.

-- anonym (, November 27, 2001.

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