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I am new to raising chickens, and last year I started a flock of black australorps. I have just got my first setting hen. She has been setting for 2 weeks. I was just wondering if I can expect others to set or is that abnormal for this breed?

-- Jacob Johnson (, April 30, 2001


We bought australorps a few years ago, because the ad said they would set, and that they lay like a leghorn. That I did not believe, but decided to put them to the test. They were in fact excellent layers, and two or three (out of about a dozen) were good setters and excellent mothers. Nice docile birds, too, that would let you walk over and handle their chicks without going ballistic! Good luck, Jacob, this is a good time of year for her to sit, and I expect she will do well. mary

-- mary, texas (, April 30, 2001.

In a mix of heavy breeds we got several black australorps. They are my favorite breed, reliable layers and we have never lost one. My buff's are the setters, which for us not wanting chicks is a pain. Another great thing about my australorps is that they are not afraid of you, if you walk up to them they squat on the ground, where even during the day you could pick them up. None of my 4 have ever offered to set, but that isn't a big enough percentage to tell. Out of my 25 buffs 3 were setters, sold, and now I have another one setting. They are unbreakable of this...I have tried everything. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, April 30, 2001.

Our Australorps don't set well, occasionally one will. They are great birds, though. The roosters don't challenge anybody except each other.

-- Cora-Vee Caswell (, April 30, 2001.

We have australorps, and have varying results. About 75% of them could care less, the other 25% are fanatical about setting, and very good mothers. One bird was insisting on trying to set in January. She failed, but the duck she competes with hatched out a batch of babies out in the garden in late December, with snow all around. I rescued them and raised them in a brooder.

-- Connie (, May 01, 2001.

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