What to do with this response? Any suggestions?

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My Story and I (am@sticking.com) responded to a message you left in the Grassroots Information Coordination Center (GICC) bboard:

Subject: Response to When the lights go out

Martin, Enough of your Trash. The media hype, that was your forte, does not cut it, once the roll over hype. Best you take your little doggie, and retire to home. You can still lend a helping hand, only ensure, in your mind, what you say and do actually can help someone,somewhere. Your Choice.

-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), April 29, 2001


Martin, a troll is a troll. Ignore it. The weak writing style indicates a lack of clarity of thought, decipherable only to the writer. People are free to read here or not--their choice. People are free to take the information provided here and use it or not as they wish--their choice.

I'm finding much of the material here very relevant to me, personally, and if someone else doesn't find it to be so they are free to go where they wish to places where things are more relevant for them.

Carry on. :)

-- Rachel Gibson (rgibson@hotmail.com), April 29, 2001.

well. i would suggest you ignore it.


I for one, am a 30 year old white male in the middle of the bible belt whom you have helped alot.

this female i know told me she thought this site was doom and gloom yet she listens to her police scanner, and grew up in a police scanner family.

i say that because this is kind of my police scanner.

but its not limited to audio and locale. it branches into a global economical, ecological, and a whole lot of other logical network information.

i boast to say you could make a hundred millionaires from the refining of the data posted on this site.

hey... that gives me an idea?

anyone have any funky ideas on how to refine this data another way?

something different than just letting our brains work on it?

any hoo... thanks to all the long time posters.

everyday that this site is here, is another good day.

-- GlitchCentral (y2k@glitchcentral.com), April 30, 2001.

Martin, I admire your level-headedness and restraint. These posts mystify me. If someone is so upset about the content why are they here? Perhaps this person could start his/her own site. All that's required is a resentment and a computer. I don't know what you want to do about it but I will consider the source and ignore it. I check this site several times a day and find it relevant and ahead of the curve most of the time. Thanks, poco.

-- poconojo (jberman478@aol.com), April 30, 2001.

Dear Web Master and Martin, thank you for your perseverance. How kind of you to mirror the kind and consideration act. You better keep it up, to preserve your soul. And if this message seems dis-jointed, the battle/verbarge was long away and far away. After All, It is only Rock and Roll, and I Like It.....

-- My Story (andiam @sticking.com), April 30, 2001.

Hi Martin, it's just troll bait, don't let it distract you from the great service you are doing! Aloha! Carl

-- Carl Jenkins (somewherepress@aol.com), April 30, 2001.

Martin- I agree with others that this is troll bait and best disregarded. Your site is extremely valuable and I check every day- wouldn't know where to get the info without it. BTW, once my comprehensive Ph.D. exam is over, I plan on coming back to posting on a more regular basis. I hope that the site remains up until then, a few months down the road. In the mean time, I'll do the best I can to contribute. Swissrose.

-- Swissrose (cellier3@mindspring.com), April 30, 2001.

Tell-tail signs this guy missed his last meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club. Wish him well and no more!


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), April 30, 2001.

Martin I have benn viiting this site weekly since prior to the roll over.Thank you ! Keep up the fine work .Air heads are free to depart at anytime steve

-- steven valdiserri (valsteve11@home.com), April 30, 2001.

"[E]nsure, in your mind, what you say and do actually can help someone,somewhere." Martin, I would like to help you ensure that: what you say and do, here on this site, actually have helped me and, from the sound of it, most of the rest of us as well. Thank you for almost a year and a half of hard work. If I don't post much (help out), it's generally because you, and others, beat me to it by a long stretch! Thank you all.

-- L. Hunter Cassells (mellyrn@castlemark-honey.com), April 30, 2001.

In any cultural war Truth is the first casualty. Determining the nature of reality is the cornerstone of living. A man puts into practice tomorrow what he believes today.

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the pessimist has more information.

(Chuck Missler)

-- Ron Trapnell (fridayfiles@space.com), April 30, 2001.

Martin, My Story is not a troll. She has been
posting on many Lusenet forums, even those that
have been long dead. Her style is consistent if
not disjointed. I would not want to make any
negative inferences concerning her. She is

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), April 30, 2001.

Trolling for satisfaction. Since no one took her offer for help.

C. Robbs: we need some help, PLEASE go find some good news and post it.

Martin, Spider, and everyone else who posts: Once again, thanks for the effort and time!

Here's some more info on our troll. http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=0053jp

Irregardless of any password, does Anyone need help? This was/is My Story, and I am "Sticking". Though it cost me, in human form.

-- C. Robbs (crobbsa@bellsouth.net), April 21, 2001


Am I supposed to have any idea just what in the hell you are talking about? Apparently I have missed something!!

-- Taz (Tassie123@aol.com), April 21, 2001.

Be nice Taz, she is your elder ::::-

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), April 21, 2001.

-- (perry@ofuzzy1.com), April 30, 2001.

At least you weren't called an "idiot" for voicing an opinion,which I was (and which may, or may not, be true).


-- PHO (owennos@bigfoot.com), April 30, 2001.

Back to the middle set of responses - the info on this board is by and large at least informative, at times very helpful. Martin's posts are generally stories that have already been published, so if there is an issue with them it belongs to the originating paper or wire service, not Martin. The incomprehensible and incoherent post by "My Story and I (am@sticking.com)" is as good as the validity and honesty of the email address - in sum not worth attention. Anyone's.

-- Celia M (celiaam@aol.com), April 30, 2001.

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