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Hi everyone my name is Trish. We happened by countryside by chance and just love the mag. My husband and I have our place for sale and we are thinking of moving to Oregon. Possibly in the central or southern (inland)part of the state. I would like to talk with other people who either live there now or in the past lived there. I would like general impressions and specific information. You can contact me at: Looking forward to talking with you.

-- Trish (, April 29, 2001


I lived in the northeastern part of oregon for a long time. LaGrande, Wallowa/Lostine/Enterprise, Pendleton. Central Oregon is kinda like a desert. Eastern Oregon is paradise.

-- Paul Wheaton (, May 02, 2001.

If you plan on looking for homestead/farm type land, pay close attention to the water. In the 1960's, we looked for land all over Oregon and found the water to be contaminated with septics and minerals and unfit to use. Or that the wells had gone dry as the water table had dropped.

Today you would want to check zoning and wetlands,etc. Oregon has some mighty strange laws now. Saving a bug or plant maybe more important than humans. I've heard some real scary reports. It is your responsibility to do the checking, do not leave it up to the Real Estate agent.

Zoning may not allow you to do what you dream of.

We lived for a year in Portland and I hated it. Moved to Arizona and it is almost as bad. Depending on the area, the water table in Az is 300' to 3000'. There will be a State water department, talk to them, they will tell you what permits you will need to have a family well, and in the west some states sell the water rights seperate from the land. Be Careful... Ask questions.

Hope that is the info that you needed.


-- Ruth Robinson (, May 03, 2001.

In the mountains of Eastern Oregon, I remember drinking water right from several different springs. This was in the late 70's. I remember one spring was right next to a field I was working with the tractor. I would pull the tractor up and use the cup hanging on a nearby fencepost.

-- Paul Wheaton (, May 03, 2001.

Hi, I live in Eugene, OR. and love it. We live on 5 acres about 5 miles from town and it is just far enough to not have to deal with the city crowd but close enough to get there if you want to. The biggest issues this city is dealing with is cost of living (pretty high for the average wages here), the urban growth boundary and containing sprawl. It is likely a reaction to California and trying to keep a lid on the miles of strip malls they have down there.


-- Gary Henderson (, May 03, 2001.

One of the things you need to check before you move to Oregon is how much state income tax you will pay. State income tax is high there as they have no sales tax. Our retirement income is taxed in Arizona at around $300 a year. In Oregon it would be almost $2,000. We have a pension of $29,000, so it could make a big difference for you. Cost of living is higher there. It's a gorgeous state and you can get away from it all if you look long enough.

-- NativeOregonian (, May 03, 2001.

Central Oregon is either a real armpit or real paradise, it just depends on where you are moving FROM.

-- Laura (, May 04, 2001.

Oregon is a beautiful state; you can have everything within a few hours: miles of publically-owned ocean beach, forested mountains and thousands of lakes, high-desert and all things in between. However, Oregon does have very confining land-use laws and tight building requirements. We have very high property taxes and high income taxes. We live on 12 lovely acres that we have planted in trees. We have plenty of water from a good well. We are about 5 mi. to the nearest town. It is very hard to find small farms like ours that are affordable and zoning laws do not allow much new building.If finances are tight, you might prefer Idaho.

-- Grannie (, May 04, 2001.

Well I sent you a description of our place, I guess it is too spendy. Part of the value is the "1st Water Rights" which means that when the water is low no one can take water until my needs are satisfied, (more or less anyway). 20 acres of rights, dating back to 1879 is a pretty good chunk.

Yest income taxes are high but not having sales tax is a real help. especially if you are buying a big $$ item like a car or truck, appliances, equipment. I don't see where the cost of living is that great, but all I have to compare it too is western NY where I paind 8% sales tax. Our auto insurance is aboout the same, license tags are cheap, $35 for 2 years for my trucks, gasoline is about the same, Propane it real high, food is cheap and you have a much longer growing season, mild winters, there is always a trade off. Our place, 40+ acres has all the equipments, water rights, good soil, fenced (8' high) garden, W/raised beds & orchard, 2 pastures, with new fence, well water piped to each, new gates, large barn with shop, and studio, 2- stalls, equipment shed, chicken coop & hog house.

-- Howard C. Williams (, May 04, 2001.

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