68000 assembly code for elevator

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Hi, I am a student of electrical engineering , and we are asked to write a code to control the elevator using the assembly language for the motorolla 68000 processor, can you help me ?

-- Nader Rashad (nader_rashad@yahoo.com), April 29, 2001


Its just like any other problem or project. 1. Describe what you want or expect it to do. 2. Describe what inputs you have and need. 3. Describe what outputs you need and what they are expected to do. 4. Segment the operation into smaller objective pieces. 5. Repeat #1, 2, 3 & 4 with each piece until you are down to known- to-be-good software modules or assembly code.

The better you describe #1, 2, & 3, the easier the task.


-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), May 01, 2001.

Controller Code

Nader There are a number of controller companies that use Logic code and " off the shelf" units like yours. Got to Elevator world web site, go to hot links and look up. Elevator Systems, Virginia Controls And Mid American. Maybe these guys will share the codes with you or maybe they will send you a straight line print of a relay controller and you can write the code yourself.

-- Jerry Rexer (port1@suscom.net), May 03, 2001.

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