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Atlas recently came out with Southern SD35's. I have been looking at the prototype Southern diesel photo section. Their are several photos with SD35's. None have the Southern herald on either end. Was this the case with all Southern SD35's?

-- Jack Grasso (, April 28, 2001


The stick-on heralds were added to the SD35's in the early 70's.

-- Ben Lee (, April 30, 2001.

Jack, I'm Bud Leggett from Albany (Leesburg), GA. As delivered from EMD, the SD35s, like all other SR locomotives of the time, carried no herald at all. This I am sure reflected the no-nonsense approach favored by that known-and-loved-by-all-rail-employees railroad president known as Bill Brosnan. It was also Brosnan who chose black to replace Sylvan green as a locomotive color. I just got through reading an article on SR GP30s that indicated that the "Look Forward- Look South" circle-on-rail heralds began appearing in 1969. Not coincidentally, 1969 was the year Brosnan stepped down and was replaced by Graham Claytor. So if you are modelling 1969 onward, you'd probably want the heralds on.

-- David L. Leggett (leggettd@dartnet.peachnet.), June 09, 2001.

Yeah Billy Bronson was a no nonsense guy. I think it was his idea to have all power with high short hoods.And Yes,he had a no nonsense approach,and it seems that he was way less conservative than those Dukes that made NS just black and white.Even the Southerns Tuxedo scheme was better looking than the current NS scheme.

Gabe Out :)

-- Gabe Scotto (, October 17, 2004.

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