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I owe 12000 in negative equity if i hand the keys in and move away from the area how hard would they chase me. mortgage is with c and g

-- elliottdix (, April 28, 2001


If you take a few moments and read this site you will find that it is VERY easy to find you anywhere - even abroad. I would urge you NOT to hand in the keys. Many of us did this and are in far more detrimental positions than Lender enforced repo's. The problem never goes away and clouds your entire life. Please consider every other option available - like renting out your property for example. This could be done until the negative equity was either eradicated or the balance overtakes it. Volunatry repossessions are not a solution - they just defer the inevitable and I wish that I had never listened to [the Lender] and other people when they advised me to do it.

-- Too scared to say (, April 28, 2001.

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