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Hi everyone,

Firstly this room is not available for massage purposes, as our clinic is already top heavy in massage modalities. Sorry to anyone who was interested in reading on for this purpose. I do know this is a massage noticeboard, but I wanted to appeal to those with other qualifications in natural therapies, or you may know of someone you network with who may be interested. The room is very large with a sink, window and freshly carpeted floor, in a busy massage therapies/nutrition clinic. We would love to cross-refer to someone who is either a naturopath, homoeopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, Feldenkrais practitioner, counsellor or any of the many varied possibilities today. Secretarial services available if necessary. Enquiries to Lisa, John or Sara on 02 43334400

-- Lisa-Marie Parker (, April 27, 2001


I hope by now you have found a therapist.


-- Mark Philip Deal (, April 04, 2002.

Hello i am looking for a roo to rent to practice colon hydrotherapy. The room needs to have a sink anbd toilet, or one very close by. can you help? Caz

-- caol (, October 04, 2004.

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