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Now that the weather is *fantastic* and you have a 14 yr. old student whose mind is on anything other than working on piano music in a stuffy piano studio…..what do you do??

-- Robin (robinkieck@home.com), April 27, 2001


Spring is DEFINITELY the time to pull out the "pop music" or ANYTHING music that excites the student. Let her or him rate each piece from 1-10 (1 = please do not assign that!....5 = indifferent......9-10 = I'd really love to learn THAT!)

If you do not have these in your lending library, start collecting! It's an investment in your student's continued interest!

Anything from Faber's supplementary library, esp. POP and MORE POP; also check out their "Popular Repertoire" books.

Any of the Warner Bros. "Looney Tunes Piano Library"; Yosemite Sam has Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion, Marvin the Martian has BS boys (ironic abbreviation, huh?), and Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston.

Alfred's "Solo Hits" books.

Hal Leonard's Popular Piano Solos, now with new CD's!

If there is interest in the Blues, try Faber's Discover Improvisation "BLUES" book with the CD.

I know Faber, Hal Leonard, & Warner Bros. have just recently sent out promotions for these materials with 40-50% discount. It's as if they KNOW it's that time to lure students back inside!

GOOD LUCK! This is one of our biggest challenges!

-- John Bisceglia (Bisceglia2000@yahoo.com), April 28, 2001.

I agree. Pull out any music that will keep students motivated to practice & (hopefully) continue taking lessons in the summer.

-- Music Educator (noname_poster@yahoo.com), April 28, 2001.

Give them something snappy, at half the level they are on now.

Truthfully, some people are apethetic. There isn't much you can do if this is their nature.

-- Betty Zornosa (bzornosa@charterpa.net), August 29, 2001.

Definately, make him play stuff he is interested about. Maybe some pop music, jazz, blues...I dont know..depends on the kid. Try to make the lesson fun. and if possible cool. I guess youll have to play it by ear.

-- Gabriela Fernandez (glf7102@mesc.edu), April 28, 2003.

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