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Three to four years ago I planted about 60 asparagus plants, anticipating a good harvest by now. I thought I had planted them well, according to trench method directions. They are also on a south facing area and have been manured quite well. I haven't picked any or very few for the past three years letting them grow into ferns and berrying, but now I want my asparagus. I barely get any coming out of the ground. Two or three here or there at a time and much later in the season than anyone else. The same happened last year. There is weed growth, but I didn't think it enough to keep the asparagus from growing. What is wrong? Should I dig up the plants and replant them elsewhere? Should I just consider them a loss and prepare a bed somewhere else for new plants? Any suggestions?

-- R. (, April 27, 2001


I had the same problem with my asparagus, I live in the south and we are very hot. I had a long chat with master gardener on the radio, and he said asparagus are very heavy feeders,manure is fine, but they need to be fed with a root stimulant every six weeks, along with a fertilizer 15-5-10 also every six weeks,just sprinkle on the ground around the asparagus, also water in good, I tried it last fall, and there was all the differance in the world. nice big fat stocks, and kept picking several weeks, you stop picking when they get the size of your baby finger, I stake the top growth and wait for the first frost to kill the top growth and then cut off. I compost and use manure also, but you have to do this other part also Lots of luck Irene

-- Irene Orsborn (, April 28, 2001.

Your location would be helpful for anyone to venture advice. Water is very important to asparagus. I think it needs a winter??? Not sure on that one. Roots could be planted to deep or too shallow. Do need nourishment but in Michigan the wild stuff along the roads does quite well.

-- diane (, April 28, 2001.

Can anyone tell me now that my asparagus is up and has reached the fern stage, when do I harvest it? I know I shouldn't harvest any the first year, but this fall do I need to cut it back and then next spring harvest it? As you can tell, I have never grown asparagus before but my plants are doing wonderful right now and i want to do it right. I live in GA where summers are deathly hot, so should I provide a shade cover for them? any and all advise is appreciated.

-- Cindy (, April 29, 2001.

Hi, don"t cut top growth till after a freeze, they will get all brown, also for all you people in the hot south, Burpee has developed a asparagus, .It"s on page 87 of the Burpee seed catalog It"s called uc157, you can get a catalog at, This is what I have planted and it does not require a cold winter. also we get way up in the 90"s here in texas, I have had real good luck with this kind, Irene

-- Irene Orsborn (, April 29, 2001.


-- george kindel (, May 24, 2001.

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