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Microsoft has suffered yet another embarrassing episode in the on-going six-month saga of Microsoft computer virus troubles. The software giant informed as many as 26 companies that were using two Microsoft Web sites that help companies protect against bugs, may accidentally have given some of these clients a virus.

The so-called "FunLove" virus, which attacks Windows NT servers, has apparently infiltrated Microsoft’s Premier Support and Gold-Certified Partner Web sites. The subscription-only Web sites are used by companies that deal in business software and development. Some 26 companies may have downloaded a virus-infected file from the Web sites during the 24-hour period that the virus was on the sites, explained Michele D'Amour, Microsoft marketing manager for enterprise and product support services.

So far, none of the affected companies have seen evidence of a virus attack on their network, D’Amour said. The virus infiltrated

-- Martin Thompson (, April 27, 2001

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